ARK No. D46-142Z
Arrived at ARK December 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2004
Weight 21.7kg
Breed Mix
Colour Black
Background Rescued in Malaysia

Maybe you read in the newsletter about the dogs that came to

Japan from Malaysia. Well, I am one of those dogs! How cool is

that? I can’t wait to get a new home in my new country. I am 12

years old now but so full of energy. I am sure I will wear you out! I

am super friendly and kiss everyone. I wag my tail like crazy when

people come to visit me. I have learned “sit” since I have been here.

I am sure I can learn more. I don’t really like other dogs but I like my

kennelmate, Kuro. I hope you will come see me and learn all about

me. Better yet, adopt me!

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