ARK No. C15-106S
Arrived at ARK August 2009
Location Osaka
Sex Male
Age Born in 2007
Weight 3.75 kilos (as of 2009)
Colour Tabby
Background He was abandoned in a box in 2008 and was rescued. He got adopted when he was 6 months old, but he started peeing on everything and the owner complained. He came back here 1 year and 3 months after he was adopted.
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I have a very cute round face. Check out these ears! I love it when people hold me. I make a cute little meowing sound. I also really get into toys. When I play I sometimes hide the toy under me. People say my back leg looks a little strange but it’s ok. When I first arrived I peed on many things but not so much any more. I hope someone will see this face and consider giving me a loving home.

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