ARK No. C23-126Y
Arrived at ARK December 2015
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in September, 2015
Weight 3.9 kg (as of January 2021)
Background Kyun was surrendered after his owner could no longer care for him.

Peekaboo- I see you! You must be wondering why my profile pictures are of me either hiding in the kotatsu or looking rather perplexed. The reason is, I’m a bit of a scaredy cat with a nervous disposition and rightfully so. I had a tough start to life, not having much socialization with people and living with multiple animals. That’s not to say I don’t like people, but I am really nervous to begin with. During certain occasions, I will pop out of my kotatsu or hiding place and play with a toy and get so happy, I almost forget to be scared! Staff hope there will be more occasions like this where I show my playful side, but I will need someone to gently encourage me and understand my past trauma. I may not be your sit-on-your-lap-all-day type of kitty, but I will be forever grateful to have my own forever home and another chance at happiness. Besides, you’ll have the best kotatsu buddy with me!