Born in around 2005
light brown


ARK No D38-223U
Arrived at ARK September 2011
Sex Male
Age Born in around 2005
Weight about 16~17kg
Colour light brown
Background His owner passed away and the owner’s child can’t take him because he/she lives in an apt.

It’s a bummer when your owner passes away and you are left homeless. Many people think dogs end up in shelters because they are bad dogs. Not the case at all. Look at me. I am a very calm and lovable guy. I like walking and I don’t pull on the leash. I am wary of strangers at first but many dogs are. I am just one of those nice dogs that lost his home because the owner passed on. Now I am not young nor am I old. I have many good years ahead of me. I hope you will consider giving me a great home for this second phase of my life! I am a really nice boy!