Born in Nov, 2014
Black x Brown


ARK No. D44-113Y
Arrived at ARK September 2015
Sex Male
Age Born in Nov, 2014
Weight 6.1kg
Breed Yorkie
Colour Black x Brown
Background Someone got him from friend who was hospitalized. The person had to move and cannot keep him.
Yikes! What a story. I was kept in a cage and was not socialized. I wasn’t taken out for walks either. So, what does that mean? I am afraid of other dogs and get a bit panicked when I see them. I can go on walks now thanks to the training I am getting at ARK. I was never treated by a vet, so I am not too fond of treatments either! I really love people and I am still very young. With the right family and training I can learn many things. I really hope I can get a family that will give me a lot of experiences like a dog should have!