ARK No. D46−57Z
Arrived at ARK May 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in around April 2004
Weight 14.6kg (as of August 2020)
Breed Mix
Colour brown
Background Keane’s owner was hospitalized and could no longer care for him.

I know what you’re thinking….what a handsome chap and how young he looks! Believe it or not, I’m considered a senior dog, but you would never guess it. I am full of life, very bright and affectionate in my own sweet way. I’m not too keen (wink!) on other dogs but people, I most certainly like. I may look like a Shiba-inu, but I’m actually a cross-breed. I like my food, but more than anything I enjoy the outdoors and I am an avid walker. I don’t tug or anything. Perhaps we can go explore the mountains of Nose together? I’m sure we’d get on just great!