6 months old


Sex Female
Age 6 months old
Coulor Tortoise-shell
Background Jetta was found outside of an apartment building on October 5. We think that was her birthday as she was so tiny and her umbilical cord was still attached.

Want a hug? I am very good at hugs. I was hand-reared by a kind person who found me and I would follow her everywhere. I only miao when I need to tell you something, and even then it is more of a “chirp.” I am content to just be with people or on my own, too. I’m not afraid of people – men or women and can get on with other cats. I have been known to attack feet! But I am just playing…. The ARK vet is investigating why I walk with a limp, but I don’t have any trouble getting around although my jumping skills need a little practise. Please come and see me.