ARK No. B8-61F
Arrived at ARK October 2006
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2005
Weight 18 kg
Breed Mix
Colour White
Background Her former owner kept lots of dogs and they were not neutered/spayed. Her owner ended up with too many dogs and couldn’t keep them.

If the camera came any closer to my nose then I’d give you a big kiss! That is the friendly kind of girl I am! I love to be cuddled and stroked as well. I am happiest when you are giving me lots of love. I am smart and have lived with many dogs in the past. I can be your only dog or an addition to a family that already has dogs. Wouldn’t you love to have a big white friendly dog in your family? (Honey went to an adoption event. She wasn’t nervous at all and just wanted everyone to pet her! She rolled over and showed her belly and asked for tummy rubs. She isn’t kept in the main area of ARK. Please ask us if you’d like to see her. You won’t be disappointed! She is a sweetie!)