Born in January, 2003
American Cocker Spaniel


ARK No. TD10-04
Arrived at ARK March 2010
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in January, 2003
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Background Harry was not compatible with his owner's children.

Harry is a very energetic and smart dog. He likes to have people pay attention to him and praise him. He would be suited to a family who could give him the attention he requires as well as up to two walks a day. He is a very well trained dog. Over the past three years he was trained under the Jan Fennell method, and he has passed a 3-month obedience training course twice with flying colours. He follows orders to go to the toilet, follow a scent and to fetch objects. He can follow quite difficult commands. Harry remembers things quickly and would be a wonderful companion for someone who will continue to train him and allow him to use his knowledge to full capacity. He is rewarded for his good work with his ball or treats. He gets along well with other dogs but if he becomes too interested in them other dogs can reach the point where they bare their teeth and Harry then runs away.