ARK No. 40-128V
Arrived at ARK November 2012
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around January, 2012
Weight 16.8 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Gion was found wandering a temple area in Kyoto before being rescued by ARK. 
Japan Times

I’m Gion and you guessed right, I was found in Kyoto! I am a very active, smart and witty boy. I like to show off being the “tough guy” but in reality, I’m actually a little bit of a scaredy-cat! I was very young when I was brought to ARK and because of my past as a stray, I was a little wary of people. When going on walks, I just wanted to run back to my kennel because I was so nervous. However, thanks to my walking buddies (both four legged and two), I have learnt to enjoy walking in nature with people. I’m quite the gourmet and LOVE my treats. When its time for dinner, I’m known to excitedly jump to the door as if to say “speed it up, I’m hungry!” which the staff find very funny. Still being quite young, I hope I will be given a chance at a happy home where I can continue my training and enjoy all the world has to offer! Please come visit me soon.

Adoption Application