Born in 2009


ARK No C14-76S
Arrived at ARK June 2009
Sex Male
Age Born in 2009
Colour white
Background Someone rescued cats and then they had kittens. The rescuer couldn’t keep all 13 cats and kittens so ARK rescued 2 kittens and 9 adults.

Ok, it is obvious the first thing you noticed about me was my eye color, right? Just think, people pay a lot of money to buy colored contact lenses and my eyes came like this for free! Wow, what a lucky kitty! I came to ARK with 9 cats. I got used to life here but I really need to get my own home! I like people and I like to play! The staff says I am a bit timid and calm. I think I will make an ideal pet for anyone! Better hurry up. With these unique eyes I will be adopted quickly!