ARK No. D52-39GG
Arrived at ARK August 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in May, 2023
Weight 14.9 kg(As of October 2023 )
Breed Pit Bull × Plott Hound
Background Cinnabar's owner had to many dogs to adequately care for.
Have you ever seen a more photogenic pup? Neither have we! Cinnabar is certainly a cutie. He is often mistaken for a Beagle, with his tri colour pattern. However, he is actually a Plod Hound/Pitbull Terrier mix. As you can see, he is eager to please, smart and very friendly. He cannot get enough of people and enjoys receiving cuddles! Cinnabar is just as active and playful as his siblings and enjoys playing with his toys and splashing about in the local river. Although he is interested in other dogs, he tends to get a little overwhelming and bold with other dogs, so we are currently working on some socialization and training. We are certain Cinnabar will put a big smile on your face, so if you have interest in a delightful and loving new best friend, look no further!