Born in 2008
Miniature Dachshund
Silver Dapple (smooth)


ARK No. D43-105X
Arrived at ARK September 2014
Sex Female
Age Born in 2008
Size 5,7kg
Breed Miniature Dachshund
Colour Silver Dapple (smooth)
Background The previous owners became unable to keep Chipolata and her many siblings when they became ill.

Did you think I was wearing a beautiful suit? It’s just my own coat. Everyone loves the colour. Maybe I should have been named after a fashion model instead of a sausage. I don’t mind, though. Actually, I don’t mind what you call me as long as you talk to me. Give me a little time to get used to you, though. I am a little timid around new people and places. That’s the only reason I hide in corners sometimes. If you really want to be my friend, it will help if you have some food for me, because I LOVE food! I love people, too, once I get to know them. I’m soooo looking forward to my own home, my own people, and my own foodbowl♬