Born in Nov. in 2009
Cocker & Polish mix
white / light brown


ARK No. D43-88X
Arrived at ARK August 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in Nov. in 2009
Size 18kg
Breed Cocker & Polish mix
Colour white / light brown
Background His owner had personal bankruptcy.

My photo might make me look like a really small dog but actually I am a bigger than I look. Don’t worry, you can still pick me up! I really love to be around people. If I think I can get a tummy rub out of it I will roll over and show you my belly. I love that! My previous owner said I guard toys but I haven’t done that at ARK. I really like to play with a ball. I also love to go for walks but I pull at first because I am so excited. I don’t really care about other dogs and I used to live with a cat. I have my ears cleaned everyday here at ARK and I HATE it! They have to put a muzzle on me. I hope you will consider a sweet dog like me. I really need a loving home!