ARK No. D52-1HH
Arrived at ARK January 2024
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in March, 2023
Weight 23 kg
Breed Bulldog
Background Bon's former owners moved and couldn't take him.

Can you see I’m sooo ready to spring into action? I’m ready for fun!
My name is BonJovi, but everyone calls me Bon for short. You can call me Bon, too, if you like.
I love people so much that you might find me a bit pushy, but I just can’t help breaking into a smile and running over to meet people!
I know my legs are not long, but I can sit up and beg for affection!  That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?
Oh and one more thing… I’m full of energy, but I walk like a perfect gentleman! I never tug!
I’d like to play with other dogs and even cats too, but reading a room is not really my forte, so sometimes I can be annoying, they say…
People say my personality is as adorable as my face! I really hope that’s true and someone will find me irresistible really soon!