ARK No. D51-52FF
Arrived at ARK September 2022
Location Nose ( Osaka )
Sex Male
Age Born in September, 2012
Weight 3.1 kgs (As of September 2022)
Breed Chihuahua
Background Blue Moon’s former owner was suffering from dementia and unable to adequately care for him.

Our little Blue Moon is an easy-going and adaptable boy, who can easily adjust to different environments. He loves to snuggle up to visitors and enjoys being around people very much. Blue also gets along with other dogs (depending on their personality) and enjoys going on leisurely walks at his own pace. Due to an unsanitary environment in his previous home, Blue has very sensitive skin and requires frequent medicated shampoo sessions. He doesn’t seem to mind however and enjoys the added attention! We hope Blue will meet a wonderful family to swoop him up and give him endless cuddles!