ARK No. D52-4HH
Arrived at ARK January 2024
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in April 2015
Weight 36.6kg
Breed Akita Inu
Background Blaise's former owner was unable to keep him.

Baby-faced Blaise is your typical Akita- he is loyal, attentive, strong-willed, and intelligent. He is also however, an adorable fluff-ball who enjoys slow relaxed walkies, gentle scratches and affection from those he knows and trusts. He is a perfect blend of both! Akitas were born to be guard dogs and for this reason, may seem aloof at times, but this is often due to their protective instincts. Blaise is no exception and he is a little wary around strangers at first. However, with some time, he begins to warm up and actually enjoys some cuddles and attention. Blaise absolutely loves going for slow and relaxed walks and is very easy to walk side by side with. We are looking for a potential adopter who has had some experience with larger breeds and will be willing to take the time to help Blaise settle into a new home environment. If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, please let us know.

Adoption Application