Born in September 2009
Beagle mix


ARK no. D34-247S
Arrived at ARK December 2009
Sex Female
Age Born in September 2009
Weight Will grow to be a mid-sized dog
Breed Beagle mix
Colour White & Brown
Background The owner kept dogs without spaying and neutering. Finally, there were too many dogs and the hokensho complained to the owner. The owner came to ARK to ask what to do.

Ok, close your eyes. Now spell my name without looking. Did you do it? Great you passed the test! Now you can adopt me! And I am sure you will want to adopt me! I am very energetic. I’m just learning about the outside world. It would be great to get my forever family soon so you can teach me lots of things! I am here waiting for you… Oh and I’ll give you a hint: B…E…A (that’s it, you are on your own now!)