【Featured Story】The ARK Van

July 14, 2011

【Featured Story】 The ARK Van (Posted 7.14.2011)

 A familiar sight around Tokyo, we would like to give you further introduction to the yellow ARK van.The van was given to ARK as a donation in May 2008 by Goldman Sachs. The ARK van is used to rescue animals, take them to the animal hospital and transport animals to ARK events. Without the van, Tokyo ARK would not be able to complete such tasks! The ARK can is very reliable. The bright yellow color of the van becomes the center of attention, even in the crowds of the city. It has also become a moving billboard for ARK to let people know about our organization. Even while stopping at traffic lights, people see our van and say hello. Please say hello and wave if you see our van on the streets of Tokyo!

 After the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake, ARK took the van down to the disaster areas. We were able to transport food and supplies for our animals that were donated by our supporters. We were also able to rescue animals and bring them back in our van, away from the dangers of the evacuated areas.

 The ARK van is busy everyday. Right now, we are continuing to rescue dogs from a breeder in the disaster area, and taking them to a vet for health checks. The ARK van has not slowed down and is traveling places everyday. Hopefully, when the hot weather cools down, we will be able to polish you up and make you nice and shiny again, ARK van!

Please show us your support when you see us in the city!

To Goldman Sachs for your kind donation,
we would like to express our deepest gratitude.
Thank you!