February 15, 2011

[Adopt] Rakutaro

RAKUTARO – Beagle, aged 6, Male

Rakutaro must have been well looked after by his previous owner; he is very positive, cheerful and does not fret when other dogs or people do something unpleasant to him. He is always in high spirits and smiles happily.

For a few years his back legs have been affected by cauda equine syndrome as a result of a hernia and he limps a little. His hip, leg, and bladder muscles are weak and cause urinary retention and a lack of bladder control. His previous owner could not afford adequate treatment and treatment carried out so far has not significantly improved his condition. His owner has also become unwell and is no longer able to keep Rakutaro, so has asked Tokyo ARK to look after him as a last resort.

After Rakutaro came to ARK he was operated on and spent a week in a hospital; he has been living at ARK Tokyo since then.

Although the operation was successful, he is accustomed to limping and whilst still incontinent, he is learning slowly when and where to pee; he does not pee in a room if he is taken for a walk in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

He loves walking and gets very excited. A mad dash! Then he runs with his leash or toy in his mouth.

He is obedient and perfectly follows our orders: “wait”, “sit”, “lie flat” and “shake and another shake”.

He is full of curiosity; he jumps around you if you hold something. He tries to get hold of things on a table. Very naughty boy.

He is always in high spirits even when he is given a good scolding. And you should not give in but be patient to teach him and make him understand.

While he is walking, he pees at spots where he smells. You should stop and hold him so that he will learn that he should stay still while urinating. He will also learn his pee time: in the morning, afternoon and evening. It may take a while but be patient and he will understand one day.

We are looking for a family who understand his physical condition as well as his cheerful character. We are also looking for a foster family.