October 15, 2010

Talkative Lotte

Lotte was thought to be timid and shy.
But he is not nervous and easily gets used to a new environment.
Once he does, he shows a very unique pose.

He loves playing alone with his toys;
his most favourite is a squeaky mouse, which he enjoys hunting for.
He also loves playing in sand sprinkled around a cat box.
Perky and yet funny Lotte!

Lotte loves people, feeling happy when he has someone to hug him or play with him.
He never gets angry and is always happy and lively, like a dog.

What makes him really interesting is that he talks a lot!
When he wants to eat or drink,
when he wants his toilet cleaned or when he is happy or grumpy,
he always does, “myu, myu”
A cheerful family who would not be annoyed by him but understand him would be good for Lotte.


We hope you find
very interesting and come to see them at one of our adoption events ☆