Story of Noir

October 15, 2010

Story of Noir

Because a certain breeder decided to give up their business, 11 dogs were rescued by Osaka ARK in June.
Noir was one of them.
He was the only one male when they were rescued.
We wonder what kind of life he had…

Later, Noir came to Tokyo ARK with his friends: Hena and Orchid.

After he came to Tokyo, he is having great time at foster home.

At adoption event, he comes to greet any people. He is never be shy.
He loves the treat and very calm.
His friend Hena and Orchid already found their home.
It is only him waiting for new home now.
He is usually calm, but sometimes bark at other male dogs.
Some people give up to adopt him because of that.
But he can learn if you train him properly.
We are hoping that he will meet people who understand his character and treat him well.

He will attend our last adoption event this year. Please come to see him.