Story of Papi

October 15, 2010

Story of Papi

I am Papi! 6 years old Papillon boy. One of my charming point is I have my tongue stuck out most of the time.
I love to walk! I love to play with ball! I love to run! My white fluffy fur gives you comfort to hug.

I was first rescued by Osaka ARK shelter.
Later, Papi came to Tokyo ARK office with other dogs and started his journey to look for his permanent home in Tokyo.

I am 6 years old now. But I probably didnt have much time to spend with other dogs. I didnt know how to greet with dogs and other animals…

Papi started new life in foster homes and became a good boy, like this.

I know the command like “Sit,” “Hand,” and “House.”
I stay quiet in the crate when I sleep and when you leave me at home.
I am potty trained. I dont do marking at home if you tell me not to.
I need someone who can let me know what is good and bad to do.
I am smart, so I understand if you teach me clearly.

I am waiting for someone with patient training to adopt me with good social manner.

If you would like to adopt Papi, please contact Tokyo ARK office.
050-1557-2763 (please leave us a message or send us a Email when we dont answer the call)