【Thank you!】ARK Animals on Tokyo MX !

January 1, 2010

Tokyo ARK Animals Feature with Risa Stegmayer

From left:Tokyo ARK staff, Briar, Kochi the pup, Risa Stegmayer, and Max.

Risa Stegmayer, as guest speaker on Tokyo MX, invited ARK animals on the programme to raise awareness about the plight of abandoned animals. Kochi, a puppy living for several months in a park in Gunma, was having trouble keeping his eyes open with all the attention and fame.

Kittens Anela and Kauru (below) were the stars of the show and kept everyone entertained.

ARK staff, Briar wished she had thought not to wear something that looked like pyjamas.

Risa made a plea to people to be responsible owners and care for their animals, as part of the family, even when they get older or fall ill. Thank you, Risa and Tokyo MX, for helping us raise awareness about animal welfare.

The original posting is below:

ARK Animals on Tokyo MX at 5:00 pm Live Friday Jan 22!

Anela, Kauru, and Kochi, will be on Tokyo MX tomorrow at 5:00 pm featuring with Risa Stegmayer. Risa volunteered for ARK with her husband in 2009 and is active in animal welfare in Japan.

*Each animal participating has their ARK caregiver with them behind the scenes to make sure they feel safe.

Date: January 22
Time: 5:00 pm
Channel: Tokyo MX
Programme: Goji ni Muchuu

Sex: Female
Age: 2 months

Sex: Male
Age: 2 months

Sex: Male
Age: 7 months

The program details from the Tokyo MX homepage are here (Japanese only):