【Thank you!】Tamagawa Animal Rescue

January 2, 2010

Tamagawa Animal Rescue

A homeless man living on Tamagawa was forced to leave his shelter. He had taken very good care of the animals living with him, but unfortunately he couldn’t take them with him.

A person living in the neighborhood, who knew the homeless man, contacted ARK. On the day we went to pick the animals up, the man had tears streaming down his face as he said good bye.

The man’s family included: his 15 year old Shiba “Hime-chan”, “Pin-ko” the rabbit, the Cochin Chicken “Nagoya”, six (6) Silkie Chickens, a turtle and a killifish.

The silkie chickens, turtle, and killfish all found new homes, but Nagoya the hen, seeming to sense the situation, died in her sleep the night before we were to pick her up.

Nagoya in better days

Hime is at the Tokyo Office, sleeping on a pile of blankets and Pinko is in a foster home being taken care of by a kind volunteer. The homeless man took really good care of both of them and they are both well-mannered and are very comfortable around people. Anyone interested in adopting, please contact Tokyo ARK.



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