A Successful Rescue Story

January 5, 2009

In Funabashi-shi Chiba, the owner of this beautiful malemute fled in the middle of the night two months ago and left his dog chained outside. Naturally, out of hunger, lonesomeness and being tied up with nowhere to go, the dog was in great distress, barking for many days. Finally a neighbor made a complaint, but no one wanted to do anything because many were scared and afraid to touch such a big dog. In fact, he is such a gentle dog with no aggression towards people or other dogs at all.

After a while a woman took stand after realizing no one was going to do anything, she went everyday to give water, food and came to care for him. However, due to the fact that she is physically disabled, she could not take the dog out for a walk, let alone adopt him.

Another problem arose around the surrounding neighborhood and landowner. They complained to the kind woman saying that “He will continue living if you care for him like this”, basically, they wanted the dog to starve to death. The woman out of dispair contacted Tokyo ARK. ARK took steps to rescue the dog and find a new and loving home for him.

When our staff arrived at the scene, the dog was so happy, he’s absolutely adorable and a very big gentle dog. He would not hurt a fly and came right up to the staff to greet them, it really hurts to see such a good dog be treated like this.

Rescue1 Rescue2

First the dog was de-fleaed and brought to the animal hospital to have a general health check and blood test for any underlying illnesses before having him vaccinated and given heart worm medication.
He was then taken to be groomed, the groomer even stated that he was such a good boy during the whole thing. When he was being shampooed the water around him was brown from all the dirt on him, “He was a brown bubble” said the groomer! After all the basic treatment he looked good as new and much more handsome then ever before.

Rescue3 Rescue4

Finally, time to meet his new family…


His new family, including their dog, Bibi-chan, welcomed the Malemute with open arms.


Unfortunately, due to his previous living conditions, he was diagnosed as positive with heart worm, but with medication it should eventually clear up. His new name is Bran. ARK is glad that this gentle guy found a new and loving home and will be taken good care of for the rest of his life.


Bran, you’re in safe hands now.

Tokyo ARK would like to thank all those that cooperated in the rescue and adoption of Bran.