A New Home for Earthquake Dog Britannia (Doru)

May 30, 2012

Britannia is a happy dog now!

Britannia was one of the dogs who came to ARK from a breeder whose home was damaged the Tohoku Earthquake. We wanted to share a letter we received from her new home.

To everyone at ARK
It’s been a month since Doru (Britannia’s new name) came to live with us. She is doing very well.
Although it’s gradual, she is gaining weight and is looking much healthier.
She likes to play to get our attention. She runs and holds slipper or glove in her mouth as if to say “Let’s go for a walk!”
She is perfectly potty trained and is now used to using the pet sheet.
She uses the bed, toilet, dish, bowl, toys, towel and blanket that we had for our old dog and it is good to see them in use again.
We attached some photos taken around the end of the year.

Sleeps soundly in her bed.

Her favorite place, the first-floor balcony. She likes to watch the cars and motorcycles from here but none went by that day.

Not only to Doru’s new family but we would also like to express our appreciation to everyone who adopted ARK animals and to all our supporters for making it possible for them to find lovely families.
Thanks for your continued support!