【Thank you!】Foster Family Wanted for Cats!

October 30, 2010

Foster Family Wanted for Adult Cats

This actually happens more often than we think – elderly person was living with cats without neutering/spaying them and cats multiplied more than the owner could manage. The only choice left was to bring them to animal control. So ARK took them in, neutered/spayed them, and put them up to find a new home.
No matter how much love you give to the cats, there is a limit to things. If tens of cats were living inside of a small room, some would be fighting and the smell would be horrendous. And this case was no exception, the smell of ammonia was so strong it was hurting our eyes.

We hear that it all started with Chinchillas, we see a long haired cat, turnup nose cat, they are all very cute cats. They are very non-aggressive and well behaved. There is a cat who’s eye ball is popped out from fighting, and it must be surgically removed.
ARK’s cat enclosure is fully occupied at the moment, they have been temporarily living in our quarantine room. But they can’t live in the quarantine room forever, we are desperately hoping to find them a warm foster home as soon as possible.
Neutering and spaying are going very well. Please come to see them, we are very much looking forward to see you!!