【Thank you!】Milfy Has Found a Foster Family!

October 30, 2010

Milfy Needs a Foster Family

Updated August 20

Milfy has found a foster family!
He will have a trial period with the family from today. We know that we won’t see results immediately, but Milfy and his foster family will work together to ease his stress so that he can return to good health.
We thank everybody who took an interest in Milfy!


Due to economic reasons, Milfy’s family could no longer keep him and he was sent to animal control. However, his mother consulted with ARK and we brought him to ARK in April, 2010.
Milfy is a male, 9-year-old Maltese. You can see his profile here:

Milfy was the only dog in a loving home. He has not being able to adjust to the ARK environment so day by day his skin condition is getting worse. Due to allergies the area around his eyes is red and now that he is bored he has taken to licking his paws so we have had to apply steroid cream to them. The rash is probably due to stress so every 5 days we give him a bath using medicated shampoo.
We have run low on steroid cream so the best we can do is relieve his stress. He does not hate other dogs but there is nowhere at ARK that he can be alone. He wants the staff to pay attention to him but they are too busy to spend time with him. So we are hoping that he can find a caring foster family.

Is anyone interested in being Milfy’s foster family? ARK will cover the cost of medical treatment and food.

To be Milfy’s foster family you must:
★Not have any dogs or cats.
★Be able to bathe Milfy once a week (Or be able to bring him to ARK once a week to be bathed.)
★Be able to bring him for regular check-ups with ARK’s vet.

Milfy does have a bit of a selfish side and is protective of his toys, but he is always in a good mood when he is sitting on someone’s lap. We hope he will be able to spend his senior years with a loving family.

Please call or e-mail the ARK Office if you are interested!
TEL: 072-737-0712 (10:00-17:00)
E-mail: (24 hours)

“I’m looking forward to your call!”