【Thank you!】Request for Donations of Dog Food

June 19, 2010

Thank you for your continuing support of ARK.

We have in our care a Shiba dog named Hana-chan who has a heart problem. She eats Hill’s Prescription Diet h/d dry dog food. When we started to run low on h/d we decided to switch her to regular dog food because her heart seemed to be doing ok. However, fluid began to accumulate in her abdomen so we had to give her medicine to go along with the regular food. If her health can be maintained on prescription dog food then we would like to use that and not have to rely on medicine. We hope that some of you out there will be kind enough to donate some h/d dry dog food for Hana-chan.

If you have any samples from your vet or previously opened packages that your dog does not eat anymore, we would truly appreciate you donating them to ARK.


☆We are also running low on cat r/d dry food.

Please send to:
Animal Refuge Kansai
595 Noma Ohara, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka-fu, 563-0131
TEL: 072-737-0712