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【Thank you!】Charity Raffle: Announcement of Winners!

January 3, 2011

Updated June 23
Below are the winners of our charity raffle! We have already given prizes to those who attended the pub night. For those of you who could not attend, we will mail your prize to you.

Thank you for participating in the raffle!

Framed print by Fujiko Hemming: M-san (Hyogo)
Framed print by Kyoko Harada: S-san (Fukushima) and K-san (Osaka)
Item from Ms. Oliver’s antique collection: M-san (Aiichi)
Homemade bacon & sausage set: S-san (Osaka)
Homemade cake & bread set: S-san (Fukushima), N-san (Osaka) and party participant
Premiere shochu “Hyakunen no Kodoku”: S-san (Hyogo)
1 year ARK animal sponsorship: A-san (Kyoto)
Horseshoe good luck charm: I-san (Osaka), N-san (Osaka) and 2 party participants
Bowlingual: 2 party participants
5,000 yen gift certificate: M-san (Hyogo) and S-san (Shiga)
1,000 yen book card: K-san (Osaka)
Scottish dance CD: A-san (Osaka), S-san (Shiga), F-san (Hyogo) and party participant

ARK will hold a charity raffle during the “ARK Pub Night in Kobe on June 19 (Sat).
Through the purchase of raffle tickets you will not only be making a donation to the ARK sanctuary building fund, but you will also have the chance to win some fabulous prizes! Even if you can’t attend the party you can participate in the raffle.

How to Participate
If you are not attending the party:
1. Please send a money transfer to ARK’s postal account. Raffle tickets are 1,000 yen/ticket. In the “Comments” section of the money transfer form, please write “Pub night raffle fee” as well as the number of tickets, and your name, address and telephone number.
2. We will send out the raffle ticket stubs to you and enter your ticket(s) in the raffle box.
3. Winners will be posted on the ARK homepage (initials and area of residence only). Prizes will be sent to the winners.

If you are attending the party:
1. Please purchases tickets at the party. (1,000 yen/ticket)
2. Keep your raffle ticket stub(s) and put the ticket(s) in the raffle box.
3. Winners will be drawn at the party. Prizes will be presented at the party or sent at a later date.

Framed print by Fujiko Hemming
Framed photograph by Kyodo Harada
USJ tickets (former ARK dogs are participating in the dog shows!)
An item from Elizabeth Oliver’s antique collection
Homemade bacon & sausage set
Homemade cake & bread set
1 year ARK animal sponsorship
ARK goods (T-shirts, etc.)….
and many other prizes. We have about 20 prizes planned.

Entry deadline:
Please send payment by June 14 (Mon) to ARK’s postal account. (Please pay at the party if participating in the party.)

Postal account:
Account number: 00900-0-151103
Non-Profit Organization Animal Refuge Kansai

☆ Please purchase as many tickets as you like!
☆ Prizes have been donated so all the proceeds will go towards the ARK sanctuary building fund.
☆ We have some fabulous prizes so we hope you’ll take part!