【Thank you!】ARK's 20th Anniversary Finale Party

December 12, 2010

After several successful parties and events to celebrate ARK’s 20th anniversary, we will be holding a finale charity party.

Over the past 20 years, ARK has helped over 3500 animals. We hope to help as many more as we can in the future and ask for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to make this possible.

We cannot say that Japan is an advanced country when it comes to animal rescue. So it will be very meaningful when we hold this final party at a top-tier hotel. Many people will attend so it will be chance for us to spread the word about the importance of animal rescue.
Furthermore, we will be holding the party on December 12, 2010, which also happens to be 70th birthday of ARK’s founder, Elizabeth Oliver.
We hope that you will join us in the celebration!

Date & Time: December 12, 2010 (Sun) 18:00-21:00
Place: Hotel Hankyu International
19-19, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0013  
Entrance fee: 18,000/person
Purpose: In celebration of ARK’s 20th anniversary, we hope to deepen ties with our supporters as we head into the future and to raise funds for the sanctuary facilities in Sasayama city.

About the party
☆ There will be a special guest!
☆ Charity auction
☆ Charity raffle
☆ Display featuring ARK’s 20 year history

Woodblock prints donated and autographed (including a message) by Fujiko Hemming will be auctioned and given as a prize in the raffle.

・Further details and participation form will be included in ARK’s August
・Any changes regarding the party will be posted on this page.
・More information about the planning stage of the party is available on the “ARK Tails” blog.

To participate:
Please e-mail, fax or call Osaka ARK and let us know how many people wish to attend, their names, address of who to contact, telephone number and how you will get to the party. If there will be any minors attending, please let us know their ages.

Contact: Osaka ARK         
Tel: 072-737-0712
Fax: 072-737-1886