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【Thank you!】Winners in the ARK Children’s Calendar Art Contest

January 1, 2010

Winners in the ARK Children’s Calendar Art Contest 2011

Here are the 12 talented young artists whose work will be featured on the 2011 desk calendar, along with the month in which their picture will appear. Congratulations!

‘Bird Lovers’ by Ryan Kaneko, third grade, Yokohama International School.

Jan: Chenyu Pan (4th grade, Saint Mary’s International School)
Feb: Munho Choi (4th grade, SMIS)
Mar: Emily Saito (3rd grade, Yokohama International School)
Apr: Annelise Small (6th grade, American School in Japan)
May: Kanna Naito (2nd grade, Koibuchi Elementary School)
June: Leonardo A’de Lima (4th grade, SMIS)
July: Angie Marsh (6th grade, ASIJ)
Aug: Ryan Kaneko (3rd grade, YIS)
Sep: Ken Kaproth (2nd grade, SMIS)
Oct: Grace Berger (6th grade, ASIJ)
Nov: Gregory Tanaka (4th grade, SMIS)
Dec: Ayana Yaegashi (2nd grade, Akabane Elementary School)

To read more about the ARK calendar school project, see here.

*The wall calendar will feature photos by Kyoko Harada as usual.