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"Large Scale Rescue - 21 Cats and 4 Dogs are seeking their warm new home!"

December 1, 2007

We were informed that a house was on fire while the owner of the house was hospitalised, and the cats and dogs that lived there had nowhere to go. There were many dogs and cats living at this house, and after the fire was put out 4 dogs and 21 cats were rescued. The dogs were able to evacuate to the neighbours’ temporarily, however, the cats seemed to be living in front of the house as they were left. If they become stray, then they would be having many kittens and friendly, affectionate cats can be the target of abusers.

A week after the fire, one of the neighbours contacted ARK. When we went to the site to rescue the animals, homeless cats were sleeping tightly close to each other to keep each other warm.

Because a week had passed, we were worried that we may not be able to rescue all of them, however, we had no problem leading all of them in to cages. According to the staff who went to the site for rescue, some cats even jumped into the car. They must have been desperate to get out of the cold to go somewhere warm.

They were all very skinny, though they are all friendly and adorable. They did not give any trouble when being weighed and given medication for termites when they first arrived at ARK. They are all young cats between 6 months to 5 years old. Our tests for feline AIDS and leukemia were both negative. We will be spaying/neutering to get them ready for adoption.

Male: 10
Female: 11

We will also be seeking new homes for those 4 dogs that were rescued along with the cats.

Beagle 6 months old Male
Beagle 4 months old Female
Mixed 4 months old Female
Chuiwawa 13 years old Female

The previous owner of these cats and dogs is still hospitalised and finances are extremely tight.

If you are able to contribute towards spaying/neutering/vaccination costs, please make your donation to “daikibo rescue (large scale rescue)” account. (Please write “25 dogs and cats” in message section)
Yuubin Kouza (Postal Office Account): 00970-2-267840
Name of the account: Large Scale Rescue

We are also looking forward to getting them adopted!