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【Thank you!】Big rescue, please help us find these little dogs a happy home

December 1, 2007


Big rescue, please help us find these little dogs a happy home.

These little dogs were destined to spend their lives cooped up in a tiny cage as breeding machines; never washed or brushed or walked or treated when sick and certainly never experiencing the kind touch of someone who loves them. Breeders, and most are like this, treat their animals as money-making objects. If they suffer or die, so what, there are others to replace them.

Fortunately for the 32 dogs we have taken in, their cruel owner died in a traffic accident but the dogs were left in awful conditions, living on piles of feces and without adequate care. They arrived at ARK stinking of urine, hair in mats, filthy ears, really sad little dogs but underneath all that filth have emerged cheerful friendly dogs, which after ARK’s trimmers got to work, are beautiful too, a complete transformation.

All it needs now is to get them health checked and neutered and they’ll be ready to become someone’s perfect companion.

Would you be willing to give one or two of these a good home? Nearly all these dogs are females.

Daschunds 19; smooth haired, wire haired, many different colours

Papillion; 2, black and white and brown and white

Westie ; 1

Shih Tzu; 1

French bulldog; black

Minature Schnauzer; 2

Pomeranian ; 6