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【Thank you!】ARK Rescued Seven Shih Tzu Dogs

April 1, 2012

ARK rescued 7 Shin Tzu dogs on March 6, 2012.
The owner of these dogs was an older man living on his own. A social worker contacted ARK about the dogs when the owner was taken to into care for dementia.

Although the owner fed them, he never got them groomed. Their fur was so tangled and matted, they were like felt balls!

As we cut off the fur using electric clippers (it was almost like sheep shearing), lovely Shin Tzu dogs appeared.

Thanks to ear cleaning and shampoo every day, their skin condition is improving.
Some have damaged eyes and some already lost their vision (it looks like there might have been fights between them.) Some of them may require surgery to remove damaged eyes.
Although they were fed, they are still skinny. They will continue to get regular vet checks to monitor their progress. Once they are healthy enough they will be spayed or neutered and given dental cleanings before being put up for adoption.

They are all between the ages of 8 to10 but they are friendly and do not bark much.
We look forward to the time when they can meet their new family!