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【Thank you!】ARK Photo Exhibition, “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” Is Held at Green Dog Daikanyama

November 1, 2011

GREEN DOG is a shop that deals in high class dog-related items that has supported ARK for a long time. The shop kindly provides good quality dog food to ARK and also offers space in their Kobe branch for ARK to hold adoption events there every two months.
Following Kobe and Midtown branches, Green Dog recently opened its new branch in Daikanyama, Tokyo. On this occasion, Green Dog kindly offered ARK the chance to hold a photo exhibition there.

Green Dog Daikanyama is located in a complex facility, DAIKANYAMA T-SITE, a location with plenty of light and surrounded by greenery. Apart from its wonderful location, the shop’s other advantage is that it will have an on-site vet. Green Dog Dakanyama is a great place to spend a relaxing time with your dogs!

                                        A dog run has been created under this sculpture.

                                               Inside the shop there are real plants!

The photo exhibition is being held at an event space called Curio, right above Green Dog.

Lively photos taken by Ms. Kyoko Harada really suit this room which is full of sunlight.

This new shop just opened on December 3rd. It is a nice shopping area with lots of other interesting shops, so it’s a great place for a day out.

Green Dog Daikanyama Website: