【Thank you!】ARK Photo Exhibition “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” at Harmonic House in Hirakata

February 15, 2012

ARK Photo Exhibition “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” at Harmonic House in Hirakata

ARK proudly announces that we will hold a photo exhibition through the courtesy of Harmonic House, a specialized furniture shop in Hirakata. The shop has kindly offered space in their shop for this. This offer was brought about by Ume, a mixed dog, and her lovely family. She once lived in ARK and met her family 12 years ago. (Ume is now 17 years old and she of course still receives plenty of affection from her family!)

Harmonic House uses carefully selected materials for its furniture, intending that it will be used by satisfied customers for a long time. The shop fully explains the furniture’s advantages and disadvantages, and gives customers a full understanding of the products before they make a purchase. When we heard about this policy, we felt that what Harmonic House does is somehow similar to ARK’s in finding a new family for animals.

On this occasion, we are exhibiting photos of ARK animals in a corner of this tasteful shop. We expect visitors to relax and enjoy the photos taken by Ms. Kyoko Harada in this comfortable shop.

 Date: Feb. 15 [Wed.] to Mar. 11 [Sun.], 2012
 Business Hour: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, weekdays
     10:00 am – 7:00 pm, weekends and national holidays
     * The shop closes on Tuesday.
 Location: Harmonic House
  2-2-4, Nagao Kagu-Machi, Hirakata City, Osaka
 TEL: 072-868-2361

* No admission fee is required.
* ARK goods are also available at Harmonic House during the event.