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【Thank you!】 Illustration Contest for ARK Charity goods

March 1, 2015

Would you or your friends be interested in offering your original Illustration Artwork for display on ARK’s new charity goods?
We are looking forward to receiving your attractive and original illustrations.
Wherever you live, in Japan or abroad, anyone who wishes to support ARK’s activity is welcome!

The winning illustrations will be printed on the new products.

Successful applicants whose artwork has been adopted will receive:
– A gift from Elizabeth Oliver
– A sample of the goods printed with your Artwork.

Goods proposed for the Artwork:

1. Bandana (Approx.53mm x 53mm / White base + one or two other colours)
White base + one other colour would be the best due to budget matter
But if it is necessary design-wisely, White base + two other colours can be acceptable.

(This sample is White and one other colour.)

2. T-shirts (Both short sleeve and long sleeve)
If you have got the idea not only the main illustration but also sub illustrations, to go on front, back, sleeve or round side, please describe it or attach a sample layout.

3. Dog walker’s bag
The illustration will be printed on the front of the bag.
We will consider choosing the bag’s design and colour that match the illustrations.
Looking forwards to an attractive design to appeal to all cat and dog lovers

*The artwork may also be featured on future ARK goods.

Application Guideline:
Any applicant who can offer their own original illustration artwork for free use for ARK’s official charity goods. More than one artwork is also welcome.
◎Any illustrations that include cat and (or) dog are welcome. Also other animals that ARK has rescued in the past; ducks, chicken, goats, pigs, rabbits, silver fox, tanuki, horses, wild boar, small green frog (called ‘amagaeru’ in Japanese)
Regarding cats and dogs, both together or separate, is fine. Please draw what you love.
Our supporters are not only Japanese but international, so please send designs with universal appeal.

◎ARK’s official logo would be also displayed with your illustration on the new goods.
The logo’s size and the layout will be considered to fit to the illustration.

◎Either illustrations created by Illustrator (or Photoshop) or hand-drawn are welcome.

◎Anyone who wishes to support ARK’s activities is welcome, regardless of age, nationality, professional or not.

◎Once the design is accepted, kindly note that the copy right belongs to ARK.
Also it would appear on ARK’s website and newsletter.

◎Please refrain from sending designs that have been used elsewhere or on other products.

How to apply:
Please send copies (not originals) by post to:
ARK, 595 Noma Ohara, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka-fu, Japan 563-0131
Attn: ‘Illustration Contest’

Or by pdf file by email to:

Please enclose:
1, Your name, address, contact phone number, and email address
2, A brief message to ARK.
(English or Japanese are acceptable)
The applicant’s personal information will only be used for necessary contact, inquiries or notification matters between the applicant and ARK regarding to the artwork contest. It will not used for other purposes.

Deadline: By 31st May, 2015
Following a review by ARK members including Elizabeth Oliver, ARK will contact the successful applicants whose illustration has been adopted.

1, ARK will not return the artwork’s copies or printed material to the applicants.
So please do NOT send the original.

As an exception, ARK may contact some applicants in order to check details, and you may be asked to send the original artwork to ARK.
In this case, the original artwork will be returned to the applicant.

2, For inquiries, please send email to (PIC: Kumaki)
This illustration contest and the goods production project is being run by ARK volunteers with Elizabeth Oliver.
We are trying to lessen the work of ARK’s staff so please use above email address and avoid telephoning ARK directly or using other email addresses.