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The bond between Sean and Suehiro

August 25, 2015

Hina lay still in the quiet darkness of this strange yet warm home. She had been sobbing, mourning the passing of her boyfriend, Sean, who had died just hours before in a nearby Tokyo hospital. He was only 28 years old and Hina had much too little time with him. She had been at the hospital with Sean’s family when he passed in the night, and returned to this home with them in the early morning hours.

As she fought back tears and the urge to burst out crying, Suehiro, a once abandoned golden retriever, gently placed his paw on her arm. Suehiro remained with Hina through the early morning hours.

Suehiro is a rescue dog. He was given a second chance by the residents of the home. They had adopted Suehiro from Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) just a few months earlier. Suehiro’s owners had come to learn of Sean’s terminal illness and offered his American parents a place to stay in their Tokyo home so that they could be close to Sean in his last months. That is how Hina had come to be in this home with Suehiro quietly comforting her.

Hina and Suehiro were connected. In the prior months, Sean had visited the home several times, and Suehiro had made an instant connection with Sean. Sean was a dog lover, and he and Suehiro warmed up to each other quickly. Suehiro must have sensed that Sean was suffering because he would not leave Sean’s side whenever he visited. When Hina needed comforting, Suehiro intuitively made the connection.

These events took place over a year ago. Now Sean’s community of friends in Tokyo, mostly musicians, is keeping his memory alive. They have released a collection of songs in tribute to Sean and posted them on-line, available for download for a “name your price” donation. They asked Sean’s family where they should donate the proceeds. Enter Suehiro and ARK.

John and Cathy Deely

If you would like to donate to ARK in memory of Sean Deely, you may do so from the following link.


「Sean and Suehiro」