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A big thank you to Hilton Hotel Osaka !

March 5, 2020




A big thank you to our good friends at the Hilton Hotel Osaka for their recent donation

of 500,000 yen!  This is our third year collaborating with the Hilton Osaka for their annual

Christmas Train Charity Event and so far, the Hilton have helped raise close to 3,000,000 yen

through the festivities. They are also keen volunteers,

who have donated a large supply of newspapers and toilet paper and are truly a very hardworking,


kind and dedicated team.  We truly value our relationship and we’d like to once

again thank General Manager Mr. Frederique Lucron, Ms. Ayako Tanaka, Ms. Akiko Furusawa

and the rest of the team for opening their hearts to Ark. We look forward to working together

again this year!