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【4/28 Update】Shiba Inu Hoarder Rescue

March 30, 2023
【4/28 Update】Shiba Inu Hoarder Rescue

We had our second successful visit to the hoarder’s property and brought back seven more dogs. 
All dogs are in need of socialization training and are still fearful at this stage, but some of them managed their first walks like true champs! 
When staff go to their enclosures, they are greeted by wagging tails, so we know the newbies are going to adjust quickly.
Sadly, their skin is in terrible condition. Long ropes wrapped around and around their necks have left nasty gashes. Their nutritional state was also appalling. 
These dogs will need time, patience and appropriate medical care, but we think they are going to be wonderful companions for their forever families. They certainly deserve a break!
We’ll add details as they come to hand, but please check our Amazon wishlist for things they need!

スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.22.13 スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.31.20 スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.34.11 スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.34.33
Nowan         Ivy         Laurel         Lychee

スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.34.54 スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.35.12 スクリーンショット 2022-04-28 13.35.35
Chestnut      Mandolin       Holly



A call came in towards the end of March.  The caller was the owner of the dogs. He told us that he had to leave his home and wanted us to take them.
He had relatives, but there were too many dogs to consider getting them to take his dogs.

When we got there, staff found that 25 dogs between one and ten years old. Like the initial two dogs, their puppies had not been neutered, so their numbers had continued to swell. They were both indoors and out, but were not being cared for adequately. The younger dogs were less used to human company than their older family members and are still timid.

CIMG6020   CIMG6038

In early April, we headed out to the property and brought back nine dogs – all females. 
They were malnourished and had terrible skin issues; they had neither been vaccinated not neutered, so they are more than ready for some TLC at ARK.
Please check our Amazon wishlist for things they need!

Yucca  スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.36.39  スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.38.10  スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.38.40
 Yucca       Mimosa       Fuschia       Camellia

スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.39.25 スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.39.48 スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.40.58 スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.42.05
   Wisteria        Canella        Wallaba                Shea   

スクリーンショット 2022-04-21 13.42.30


Stay tuned for the next rescues. We will keep going back until they’re all safely at ARK!