ARK No D51-9FF
Arrived at ARK April, 2022
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in April, 2021
Weight 4.5 kgs (As of April, 2022)
Breed Shiba Inu
Background Due to old age, Yukka’s owner wasn’t able to care for her adequately. 

Yukka is a very sweet, quiet, and adorable little Shiba. Unfortunately, due to a lack of socializing during her first year of life, Yukka is quite timid and nervous around new people. However, we have seen some progress in just the few weeks she has been with us at ARK and we feel she will improve day by day. She is now wagging her tail when its time to eat and will happily play with her kennel mates. She had never been walked on a lead before, but she is also getting better with this and we feel she will begin to enjoy some leisurely walks with people she feels safe with. She may have had a rough start to life, but she is a bright girl and we hope she finds a loving home sooner than later.