ARK No. D52-49GG
Arrived at ARK October 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in October 2012
Weight 17.6kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Yukichi was found wandering in an area of Kyoto before being rescued.

Yukichi here is quite the distinguished gentle-dog. He is not only incredibly handsome but very friendly and engaging with people. Although he was rescued from the streets of Kyoto, he is very approachable, affectionate and really enjoys being with people. Yukichi loves cuddles and gentle pats and will show you how happy he is with his wagging tail and smiley eyes. We also love his cute white socks! He may be an older gent and has some difficulty hearing, but that doesn’t stop him from living his best life! After all, he enjoys his walks, scratches, and yummy food. What he would certainly love most however, is a warm and loving family to take him in and let him enjoy his golden years in peace.

Adoption Application