ARK No. D38-250U
Arrived at ARK October 2011
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2008
Weight 20kg (as of May 2016)
Colour Brown
Background The previous owner passed away.

I think you can see I really enjoy playing outside in the dog run area.

I used to be afraid of going for walks but now I enjoy them. I am still

a shy dog and I get nervous around new people. But if I know you, I

will really like you. In fact, I have some favorite volunteers that come

to walk with me. I need a loving family that will give me time to

adjust and help me get used to my new environment. I don’t really

like other dogs, but I do have a best friend named Buzz. We were

rescued together. I am a good dog who just needs people who will

be patient with me and who understand dogs like me.