ARK No. D51-54FF
Arrived at ARK September 2022
Location Nose ( Osaka )
Sex Female
Age Born on February 28, 2008
Weight 4.1 kg
Breed Miniature Dachshund
Background Winkle’s former owner moved to a property that doesn’t allow pets.

Affectionate, adorable, friendly and sociable is the best way to describe Winkle. When she first came to ARK, Winkle was a little nervous and unsure of what was happening, however, she quickly adapted and is now enjoying all the attention and cuddles she gets! Her favourite pastime is jumping up on peoples laps for snuggles and being carried around like a baby. Considering Winkle was hardly walked by her previous owner, she is a natural adventurer and enjoys leisurely and relaxing walks. She also gets along with other dogs and may possibly live in a home with a dog already in it (depending on the other dog’s personality). Little Winkle has so much love to give, so we hope she will meet her forever family very soon.