ARK No. D50-33EE
Arrived at ARK July 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in July 2011
Weight 7.0 kg (As of July 2021) Currently on a diet to lose weight.
Breed Miniature dachshund
Colour Cream
Background Willow’s owner was unable to care for her after being admitted to a care centre. The owner’s family were also unable to look after Willow and therefore surrendered to ARK.

Hello?? Can you see me? Down here!

I’m Willow, an energetic and merry little Dachshund. I’ve been known to greet visitors very excitedly when they enter my kennels, by running around enthusiastically with a big smile on my face. I get along with other dogs, depending on their personalities and I’m an avid walker. This is a particularly good thing because I’m currently on a diet to get into shape. I really hope to meet a wonderful family soon who will take good care of me and enjoy going on long leisurely walks together.