ARK No. TC18-05
Arrived at ARK November 2018
Sex Male
Age Born in October 2018
Weight 3 kg (as of December 2018)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Brown and black
Background Came to ARK from a pound in Kyushu

Until I got to Tokyo and met my foster sister, I was so full of beans I was fit to burst! Now big sis is teaching me how to chill out sometimes. I’m trying, but I’m not quite sure I’ve got the hang of it yet. I’ve got lots of foster siblings, both cats and dogs, and they’re all trying to teach me everything I need to know to be a really terrific companion for someone!

They’re also teaching me dog law, along with their friends from the neighbourhood. I’m learning so much – how to greet dogs I don’t know, how to be friendly but not pushy… it’s all soooo cool!

Nobody knows what I’m going to look like when I’m fully grown – my eyes and whiskers are changing all the time. It’s all pretty exciting!

I may have also developed a few “puppy tricks”, also known by some as “mischief”. I’m going to need a bit of training, but I can really assure you I’m worth it!