ARK No. D45-18Z
Arrived at ARK March 2016
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in March, 2014
Weight 16 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Vindaloo was rescued along with several other dogs from the mountains in Gifu Prefecture. 

You may think with a name like Vindaloo, I’d be feisty and spirited, with perhaps a fiery temper….but no, I’m a sweetheart. I was rescued along with several other dogs after being found in the mountains. I’m shy to begin with, but as soon as I get to know you I’m very friendly, attentive and a joy to be around. I love to play! I have a kind and calm presence but being a former stray, I keep to myself sometimes. I just need someone who will take their time with me, be patient and show me that there is nothing to be scared about.

Adoption Application