ARK No. D49-81BB
Arrived at ARK August 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in October 2017
Weight 41kg (as of February 2019)
Breed Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)
Colour Brown
Background Tyson was rescued from the Kumamoto Animal Control.

Love eating lots but also love walking all those calories off! I can play alone with toys but I also love people. It can get a little lonely when you leave, so when you come back I get all excited and may nip you (playfully). I’m working on the nipping with a little help from my favorite snacks. Walks are the best! At the beginning, I can’t quite keep my excitement in so I’m jumping around and gnawing on branches that I find. But once I’m past that, I calm down and look up from time to time to check on the staff that walk me. Young and full of energy; I would make a great partner for anyone who wants to play and go on lots adventures with me.